is that the Q Street Bridge that goes in and out of Georgetown?

the bike path that runs along side of Rock Creek and Beach Drive goes under the Q Street Bridge

Rock Creek Publishing uses the bust of the Indian that decorates this bridge as their logo

THe Q Street Bridge

Jeff Nelson, who is the co-founder of Dischord Records and the innovative drummer from Minor Threat, was recently involved in a restoration project on this bridge
some history on this bridge www.washingtonhistory.com

A Coat of Red Paint in Hell interviews Jeff Nelson


on my New Year's Day ride I tooled around the city
that ride took me through Mount Pleasant into Columbia Heights down through Adams Morgan and cutting past Dupont Circle towards Georgetown where I went over the Q Street Bridge and then looped under the Q Street Bridge
the ride was scenic and short

that ride also involved a two second exchange with Ian MacKaye who I could not resist to thank for the influence his music had on so many lives


BicycleXC said...

Joel I love your "History" posts. Keep it up man, find the oldest most interesting stuff in the city to keep me going back to wikipedia for more!

Unknown said...

Fran I really like your "History" content. Keep it up man, look for the earliest most exciting things in the town to keep me going returning to wikipedia for more!

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