it is all very curious...

it is all very curious...

in my backyard fish pond... well... it is really more of a fish puddle than a pond
or maybe a fish bucket
it is far from a pond
it is really just a plastic kidney bean with water in it
my dad's neighbor was throwing it away... so he grabbed it and got involved in the project of setting it up in my back yard

there is this "water feature" in my backyard
the "water feature" is now frozen
the water goes through this freeze\thaw
the fish amazingly survive this freeze\thaw

it is all very curious
very curious to me... very curious to my five year old son as well
they say curiosity killed the cat
well... curiosity killed a fish the other day

young Grant was cracking the ice... which is a popular practice for young boys
then he got to trying to catch the fish
well... he caught one
that fish is no longer with us

we will see if all the other fish survive the winter
Grant now knows to leave the fish alone... for now

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dcdouglas said...

Your kidney bean fish pond sounds a lot like mine. Before the neighborhood alley cats found it as a source of fresh water/food, we had several successful years of fish in the backyard. Bigger species like koi worked well, but even medium and smaller goldfish variants worked. They key is to reduce their food intake in the fall & winter. As a consequence, the fish lower their metabolic rate and hibernate through the cold months. You only need to remember to break up the ice once in a while to improve the O2 exchange at the water surface--otherwise, the fish can suffocate.
Have you consider adding aquatic plants? Lilly Pads and Water Lillies work very well with fish fertilizer.