last night we got together with some neighbors and went up to Columbia Heights for dinner

at 16th and Irving we wait for the group to gather and the light to change

grant out front of what was once the wilson center
the wilson center is a charter school
when dc space is a starbucks

last night Lisa and I gathered the boys and went up the road to Columbia Heights to get dinner at The CommonWealth Gastro Pub

The Common Wealth Gastro Pub is now doing a kid's night or kids eat free thing... so... with the opportunity in front of us we gave it a shot

a few emails through the course of the day and it was decided that this night was as any to gather
so we made it happen

we brought lots of kids and we ate lots of food
we also drank some adult beverages and the kids got desert
it was a little over the top for a Tuesday Night
but it was a nice mid week winter adventure

the majority of the people left out on foot
when I got home Lisa and Grant had locked horns
Grant wanted his bike or his scooter... but his scooter was down the block and he would not settle for Dean's scooter
so... I got out Grant's bike

Grant wants to ride his bike?

I could not deny his request... I pulled out his bike and threw on a Knog Light
everyone left out on foot
I ran up the block with Grant so he could catch up with the group and then I ran back home to change clothes
a short post work ride had me soaked in sweat
so I dashed back to change my clothes
then I rode my bicycle up to Columbia Heights with a lock for the bikes

changing my clothes was a good choice
I was soaked from just zipping across town to pick up my cell phone from a friend's house

on my bike with a lock in my pack I arrived pretty much at the same time as everyone else

it was pretty crazy
the atmosphere is comfortable and the food is good... better than good
we were lucky enough to have a group large enough to take pretty much the entire room which seemed like a party room... or a closed off center of the larger room

most of the kids got fish and chips... I got the beef shepard's pie

kids sat with kids and adults sat with adults
sure some kids defected to the adult table
in some cases what appeared to be an affectionate hello turned out to be a ploy to get desert
how could I deny my kid's desert if all the other kids were getting desert
then the adults had to get some desert as well

with stomachs filled we migrated as a group back to the block
Grant on bike, Sammy on scooter, Alik with a large backpack running at a good pace
Dean and Issiah threw a football
while packs of parents moved at varying paces

it was a fine night
homework had been done and by the time we got home it really was not that late

kids' night was a good time at The CommonWealth Pub
we will have to make that happen again soon


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