a New Year's Day Ride...

New Year's Day.

on New Year's Day I went for a ride... not a ride for exercise... just a ride around town
on this ride I had the camera around my neck and a brand new helmet cam that I had received for Christmas on my head

I rode around with no particular place to go... I just went... I just rolled around town
it was an amusing ride...

the ride was short cold and well documented
well... well documented if there is image and sound on the helmet cam
I of course... went out on this innagural helmet cam ride without fully reading the instructions
maybe that should be my new year's resolution for 2010... read the instructions

while on that ride I ran into this guy who was out for a ride with the kids in the trailer
it has been years since I could stuff both my boys into the trailer
they are on their own bikes or on the trail-a-bike these days

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