a note from elliott

Hey folks,

So, I finally figured out how to podcast my radio show and figured I would
let more people know about it. Its called This Wheels on Fire, and its a
mix of country/alt-country/bluegrass/americana music with news/interviews
about bicycles and bicycle culture.

Its on Radio CPR - 97.5 FM in Washington DC, 1st and 3rd Sundays from 7-9
PM. If you are in NW DC, especially near Mt Pleasant/Adams Morgan/Columbia
Heights/Petworth, you may be able to hear it on your home radio or in your

If you cant get the signal, you can download by podcast at the below address:

- http://twofradio.libsyn.com/

Apparently, the show is now available on itunes as well, but I dont know
enough about itunes to look for it and find it. But you can search by the
show name or dj bottom bracket or dj bb.

The show has a blog at www.thiswheelsonfireradio.wordpress.com

I will probably combine these two in the next few weeks. I will get rid of
the wordpress.com account and just put all of it on libsyn.com.

Feel free to pass this around, but please take my name/email off the
forward, as technically radio cpr does not operate with a FCC license.

Thanks and enjoy.

Elliott aka dj bottom bracket

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