Peace to all that lost someone they loved in 2009

Peace to all that lost someone that they loved in 2009
life can be short
life can be hard

sometimes life is cut abruptly short
I did not know Mark Daniels well... but from what I knew... he was a solid dude and he was not ready to leave this world
there were things he wanted to do

Peace to all that lost someone important to them in 2009
the death of a friend this past week has reminded me just how precise life is
we should not need death to remind us how beautiful life is

Life Is Beautiful!
Happy 2010!
the new year offers a chance for some new beginnings...

on that list is my Grandmother who lived to be 99... she just could not hang on for 100 dying just before the Christmas Holiday
God Bless her.
and then Peter Coe... who died in a tragic accident that saddens me to no end
God Bless... Peter and all who knew him especially his wife Val and their two children

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