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Phoenix Bikes' BIKE SHOW 2010 is on!


The DC area is home to incredible cyclists and amazing rides!

At BIKE SHOW 2010, we will celebrate our region's most extraordinary rides. The portraits, bicycles, and people behind it all will come together with fanfare and food, a silent auction, a chance to win a commuter bike customized by Phoenix Bikes, and lots more fun.

Mark your calendars! April 8, from 7pm to 9pm at 4301 Wilson Blvd, Arlington

Submit your extraordinary ride!

Submit your Extraordinary Ride!

At this year's BIKE SHOW, Phoenix Bikes will be celebrating the seven most inspirational rides of the DC area . If you are into bikes, chances are you have been on an extraordinary ride. Whether it was a century through the Rockies or your first trip around the parking lot without training wheels, we want to see it and hear your story!

Your submission of an extraordinary ride is due by February 15th, so don't delay! Click here to tell us your story!

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