Support Bicycle and Pedestrian Acesss Across the Bay Bridge

I have heard some talk about bicycle and pedestrian access on the Bay Bridge that spans the Chesapeake
but this bridge discussion is out west in "the bay area"

East Bay Bicycle Coalition

this information came to me via Jason Meggs through FACEBOOK
it is interesting... Jason is from this area... the east coast area... more specifically the dc area
I know him because he was good friends with some friends of mine... which makes us friends
I am always stoked to see Jason's passion for the cause
it has been a while since I have seen Jason

here is what said...
I like the "what else can you do: section b.

1) We are no longer asking everyone to speak. This would unfortunately give commissioners a way out of making decisions, and could hurt other important items such as the Oakland Airport Connector which TransForm is championing. If you or someone you know would make an excellent speaker on behalf of many, to make the case from the heart, please let us know. WE DO HOWEVER NEED AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO BE PRESENT.

2) We will have a flyer with strategy for the day: including regrouping for them media/photos after the decision, good or bad. Please get a sign and sticker on your way in.


a) Work Party: Sunday and Monday nights (January 24-25), 5-10pm, 2185 Acton Street (Four blocks south of North Berkeley BART). We will be painting signs and making phone calls, with food provided to turn out the troops en masse! Food includes hot Cheese Board pizza and vegan options. Bring your cell phone!

b) Calling all kids! A fun activity to get kids involved in determining their future: color Ken Avidor’s cartoon, bring it to the hearing if possible. Give it to school teachers you know! We are also looking for young spokespeople for a short video about the bridge.

looking for literature or should I admit to "postings" on the topic of Pedestrian and Bicycle Access on The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

I am going to The Wash Cycle to do a search and see what comes up about the local bridge and the topic of pedestrian and bicycle access
hmmm... I do not think I am coming up with what I am looking for

I think the last time I saw Jason Meggs he was out hiking on my home turf of Rock Creek Park with a mutual friend Tom and his dog Hutch... you know Hutch... she was in that Fugazi movie...

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