Thievery Corporation at the 930 Club... Sunday Night!

Thievery Corp at the 9:30 Club January 2010

here are a few shots from the Thievery Corporation Show at the 930 Club
at the last minute I was able to get things together and go to the Sunday night show
there should be more Sunday Nights like this in my life

not only was I able to get tickets from my buddy Rob
Rob also got me a photo pass which got me up close to the band
which was great not only for the camera... but for elbow room

working the blur... shooting with a slow shutter and no flash
that is my live music photo style
the bass was so powerful I had to resort to handheld rather than my mini tripod
the speakers and the stage were moving too much to try and brace things there

so many photos taken... just grabbed a few
if I knew anything about Lightroom or Photoshop I am sure I could get these things to come up richer

I do not get into things at that level

rob on guitar for some songs and sitar for others

fun playing with the camera...
it was funny being next to the "photags" and their fancy cameras with their big lenses and their expensive flash attachments
there I was doing my point and shoot thing with the G10
everyone was cool
really... I was enjoying the music too much to be fiddling with the settings
so I just snapped some shots as I grooved around

a very cool show...
this is no lounge act... this is an international rock band

a shot of myself... I could not resist...

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