this clearly was not taken today... I do not have any photographs of the snow


DC got Dumped on
I was no where near the local sledding hill to take advantage of the situation
there are all sorts of photographs by various camera men from The Snot Cycle mountain bike race that was held on a snow covered course
that happened without me

yes... this weekend past I pretty much missed the Washington snow storm
not entirely... but almost

this weekend I was involved in a pilgrimage with my family to celebrate the life of my recently deceased grandmother... my children's great grandmother

it was a quick three day weekend that involved quite a gathering
lots of activity... most of which involved eating and drinking
all tucked in between the exhausting task of air travel

my grandmother passed away just before Christmas at the age of 99
she had already arranged to be cremated a
nd placed in a mausoleum in a plot that was purchased decades ago
in fact I remember going to this cemetery when they purchased the spaces in the mausoleum when i was just a kid

the gathering met shortly after the day that would have been my grandmother's hundredth birthday

she was the pinnacle of the family pyramid
the family gathered to celebrate her life and our link
it was good to get together
I got to see so many people that I had not seen since I was a child
I got to hang out with my cousins and their families
we got to watch the twelve great grandchildren get wild and out of control like we used to get wild and out of control when we were their age and we got to get together

we gathered and we ate
we ate and we played
we told stories that we had all told before

grandma rest in peace
thank you for a lifetime's worth of memories

once back home with my bags unpacked I tried to take a nap
instead I just chilled out and listened to one side of The Who's Quadrophenia
then went out back and played in the snow with my boys
leaving out with just enough time for a hour of solitude with my dog in the woods

our tracks were not fresh
it was a well beaten path
the woods was beautiful in all its winter splendor

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