Adam was a good kid with exceptional skills...

Adam formerly of Chevy Chase City Bikes... a graduate of B-CC died in a house fire in Colorado

I did not know Adam well... but I liked what I saw
Adam was young and filled with life

Adam was too young to die
I am certain that there are many people in pain because of this tragedy
my heart goes out to his friends and family

I am sorry this had to happen
I am sorry we will never get to see Adam again



and then this...


Big Daddy Mike said...

Those who got to spend meaningful time with Adam grew to love him. He will truly be missed. Thousands of feet of verticle and thousands of wheel rotations will have to be made up by those left behind. If he was nothing else, he was fearless.

Our hearts go out to his family.


kathryn marsh said...

What a shame. I didn't know Adam personally, but when I saw that he passed in a house fire in CO, I tried the links. Here is a current one, if anyone is interested: http://ww2.gazette.net/stories/02012010/montnew163811_32579.php