Bethesda Sunshine House... a piece of B-Town Culture


The Bethesda Sunshine House was a piece of B-town Culture

when I was young there was a free standing house on Cordell Avenue
this house had the parental warnings to stay away from it and all of its trappings
it had a mystery to it like that old woman's house down the block... the one that all the kids swore was haunted

that was The Bethesda Sunshine House... a dilapidated free standing old house stuck on a developing mini city around the corner from Montgomery Donuts

now... do not let the Man From Montgomery distract you... there are no maple bars or cinnamon twists here
get back on the topic at hand... The Sunshine House... and we are talking about the free standing era... not the shop in the Triangle Towers up closer to Little Tavern
again... avoid distraction... this is not about CLUB L T nor is this about WHFS transmitting from the Triangle Towers right across the street from the Psychedeli

growing up in Bethesda in the 70's to 80's was quite different than the Bethesda today

the world has changed... Bethesda has definitely changed

Bethesda was a sleepy little village made up of it own version of middle class
there were shops and commerce... but nothing like the ANYWHERE USA that the Bethesda has become today

Bethesda was home of the Mom And Pop!
there were a few chain restaurants... but for the most part it was a mom and pop experience

Bethesda is an interesting little village that had its various quadrants that co-existed with some disconnect

it seemed like all around bethesda there was nothing but rug stores... record stores... and head shops.... yes head shops

sure there was the Hot Shoppes.... Shakeys... and yes The Tastee Diner along with Woolworths and Peoples Drugs both having counter top diners as well...
okay... bethesda was really happen-in in a sort of weird bohemian sort of way

there was the Charlie Bird Guitar store...
oh man... it was a wild place
a wild place that included The Sunshine House



Alex said...

of course, we took all this for granted... seeing what B-Town has become makes me realize how lucky we had it.

gwadzilla said...

everyone takes everything for granted...

we were born in a unique time
we grew and became adults in a unique time

hopefully all times are unique and positive in their own way

gwadzilla said...

that unique store employed some DYNAMIC individuals...

the free standing house employed
Henry Rollins (then Garfield)
Ian Mac Kaye
and certainly many others

the ground level shop in the Tri Angle Towers just down the block employed
Jason Farrell
Spike Jonze
and who know who else!

m. card said...

i worked at the store on cordell ave! every time i visit home from pdx it freaks me out to see what b-town has become. i'd give a lot for an italian sub and "mix" from nick's!

Jay A. Allen said...

Go crazy....


Anonymous said...

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