I saw this quote on FACEBOOK

this is a classic photo of my old friend Eddie Eamon...
yes... I have posted it before
yes... I may post it again
no... I did not take it...
Jenny Mercurio took this photo

I am not sure if Eamon was Lon Chaney or Leonard Zelig
but I do know that growing up Eamon morphed into a multitude of subculture identities
punk, skin, yo boy, ROCKER... the list goes on

then later in life as an adult Eamon (who also went by Eddie) went on to wear a wide variety of uniforms... in fact I heard it said... by 29 years of age Eamon had worked a variety of jobs that had him in every uniform of the Village People other than the Indian

back to my point...

on FACEBOOK Eamon's older brother Tom's page I saw some old photos of his family... great shots of a dynamic family

Tom quoted his father as saying...

" Disney is FAKE. I am going to take you someplace real."
George Clifford II in 1970

the photo showed the young boys on the coast of Ireland

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