I snapped this shot after I ate my lunch...

had an errand to run... thought I would get lunch while on route
stopped by Brown's Caribean Bakery on Georgia Avenue
snapped this shot in between bites a few blocks away
the rest of the bites happened on the move

one chicken and one beef patty
each with coco bread
the carrot cake was tempting
next time I will have to get the carrot cake


Anonymous said...


You are so lucky! Lunch out and you are laid off? You must have so much saved for your kids future? I got laid off and eat P&J. Glad someone is keeping the economy going! I look at my kids faces and can not think about treating myself to lunch. Need to shake that!


gwadzilla said...

PB&J is a good call!

I have been having left overs for lunch

it is true... it is time to simplify

sorry you got laid off Sally... or who ever you are

gwadzilla said...

yes... that "or who ever you are" was right on target

Sally is "a hater"
logging on and commenting as different anonymous characters

that is what I thought
sorry Sally... sorry that you are so filled with hate

Bike Safe said...

Gee Zilla,

I have to agree with Sally here. Do not tell me you are actually spending money for lunch, have kids and no job?

Buddy Bike