Jeff Tremaine of JACKASS...

Jeff Tremaine of JACKASS...
Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze of JACKASS were Bethesda Skaters\Rockville BMXers before they were Hollywood Cool Cats!


these photos were not taken by me
stumbled upon them while shuffling through a long list of photos in a FACEBOOK Group called 80's Hardcore Scene Kids

FACEBOOK: 80's DC Hardcore Scene Kids

more FACEBOOK pages of similar ideas
DC Hardcore
DC Scene: 80's & 90's

amazing documents compiled by all sorts of people
back from the days of film... pre-digital
very wild... very wild...
lots of eclectic characters
each image tells a thousand stories
many of them tragic


nathan said...

Hadji's ramp was first I ever skated. Cool seeing some images of that old spot.

gwadzilla said...

now... help me out as I was on the peripheral of all this

was Hadji Terrence as in The Rayburn Ramp?

nathan said...

Thats the one. Terrence (aka Hadji) and Bob lived there. I think it was like 9 and 1 then cut down to a punk ramp. They threw a big contest there in like '83 or '84 that was covered in Freestylin' magazine, a subsidiary of BMX Action. You may be able to find some images if you dig around. I had some good ones back in the day, but I think they all got trashed. I think that may be Adam (aka Spike) with the sling chillin' in the photo when he was down with a broken clavicle

gwadzilla said...

okay... piecing it together

Terrence and Bob are brothers...
the was a guy named Glenn that lived there too...

I met my wife Lisa through Glenn...
so I know those guys
but more from my twenties than from my teens

funny... I think that I was at that ramp when then Adam now Spike crashed and broke his clavicle
even more funny I thought for a second that that person could be me... but more than likely it is chip cashel (rip)

I am going to take another look and try to zoom in

gwadzilla said...

no me.

does not look like chip either... definitely not Adam

nathan said...

Yeah, Adam broke his collar bone trying to air over a board someone was holding over their head and hung up. Glen Graziano. When I met him he also had a broken collar bone from hitting this wooden gap jump in Adam's yard. Could be Farrel on the deck? Those guys didnt hang there much. I worked for Bob for several years when he had his landscaping gig. Good guy and was a talented photog.

gwadzilla said...

too funny... I worked for Glenn

I think that Terrance may have reviewed video games for some skate magazine while bob may have been a skate photographer

I like those guys... good people