looking for guidance? turn to your friends

each year there is a list of people who died...
2009 just like any year had it long list of deceased

last year my 99 year old grandmother died
that was to be expected... she lived a long full life
also last year my old friend Peter Coe died
Peter was not so old.. Peter was 42 years young

the death of Peter Coe was not only unexpected... but it is also unacceptable
Peter was a husband, father, friend to many, and a strong contributing member of the community
sadly... life does not always give us a say in the matter
life takes its course without consulting anyone
life can be cold and cruel

Peter James Coe was stripped from life just when he had really gotten his stride

it is just a month into 2010
the death count has already started
Adam Lockard died before his time
he had just begun what he needed to do
life is not always fair
Adam Lockhard was 21 years young

Adam was on his way to doing great things
life will not allow these things to happen
that opportunity is gone

sorry... I have no words to ease the pain of such a loss
I hope these electronic mentions are accepted with an understanding that this information is shared with great sadness and pain

Gwadzilla mention of Peter Coe
Gwadzilla mention of Adam Lockard

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