MEESE IS A PIG! what was the full story there?

Meese Is A Pig?

what was that all about?
who was Edwin Meese?
was he a pig? why was he a pig?

what was this about posters and t-shirts that read EXPERTS AGREE: Messe is a Pig?

is it true that during this time of different security a bicycle messenger made a delivery to the Department of Justice in a MEESE IS A PIG t-shirt?
is this true? was it actually a delivery to the actual office of Edwin Meese?


let me check the Washington City
there is something
something about Jeff moving to Toledo

then something about Jeff selling stuff on ebay
shocking that the Washington City Paper never told this story

this story has wonderful documentary film potential

I would make this film... except for two things
I do not make documentary films
I do not know the story

Jeff Nelson has been a topic on the GWADZILLA page before
http://gwadzilla.blogspot.com/search?q=jeff+nelson i

Experts Agree: Meese is a Pig resurfaced while Alberto Gonzales was following down the same crooked path www.huffingtonpost.com
Edwin Meese on the Wiki Page
an archive about arrests made on the MEESE IS A PIG POSTER \T-Shirt thing www.highbeam.com

I still do not know the story... anyone know the story
should someone give Jeff Nelson a call?
does Jeff Nelson drink beer?
I would interview him over a beer


Anonymous said...

It wasn't who you think. I will try to find out. The guy who was denied entrance to Justice for wearing Meese is a pig tshirt was Eric S. He worked for QMS, cat two roadie. He got ACLU to take his case. I never heard what came of it.

gwadzilla said...

I am not sure who it was... actually... I have no idea

I was under the impression that Jeff Nelson of Dischord Records was the one behind the posters and the t-shirts

but the actual messenger at Justice?

I do not know

let me know what you come up with

alex said...

Meese is STILL a pig... he recently had an op-ed published in the New York Times against gay marriage -- typical Meese mean-spiritedness cloaked in legalese.


P said...

I was one of the crew that put up these posters. Jeff had the whole thing very organized, we all had "turf" assigned to us. 4 or 5 us loaded up the back of my white toyota p-up a hundred or so posters and 5 gallon buckets of wheat paste and got messy with it. I don't remember our exact assignments . . . I do remember stopping the truck in one of the tunnels and we all hopped out and covered every column - as that as you drove in, all you would see was "Meese is a Pig" repeated over and over again across your windshield. Our crew did not get arrested. But as a courier, I enjoyed seeing DC plastered with our work for months afterwards. I had several left over, (and a couple t-shirts) but they've all disappeared with the years.

tachnosaddle said...

"At one point, a bicycle messenger named Christopher Stalvey was denied access to the Justice Department for wearing one of these shirts, and the ACLU then threatened to sue the Justice Department for its policy regarding the shirt."

From: https://newrepublic.com/article/115032/meese-pig-ed-meese-now-wants-kill-obamacare