score... bonus... sometimes walking pays for itself

this morning with all the snow piled on the city streets my wife lisa and I tried to get creative about how to get the kids to school

initially I was going to take the boys via METRO BUS
but then when the morning came Lisa decided she could drop us off on her way to work and then I could walk the boys the final block or two

this is just what we did... after the boys went into the school building after a long and lengthy SNO-CATION I chatted with other parents out front of the school
then after some face time with some other parents with my dog at my side I started off for home

on the walk home I saw a picture frame tossed in the snow bank
a brand new picture frame from IKEA... weird?
without hesitation and with little more than the requisite glance for its owner I grabbed it
immediately I had a feeling how to use this frame
this would be a perfect frame for the Nierman print of THE GURU that I had yet to frame and hang

sure enough...
it will work!

the mat is off white... the print is on stark white paper

not having black spray paint I grabbed a can of silver
sprayed the mat silver thinking it would snap and pop with the silver on the rim of the wheel in the guru's hands

not a bad start to the day!

Art by Kevin Nierman

art by Kevin Nierman in DIRT RAG


gwadzilla said...


ryand said...

this is a much more positive and enjoyable entry than what you have been writing lately.

see you at sugar hill?

gwadzilla said...


the snow brings people together
the snow tears people apart

I was just shoveling snow with some neighbors...

people need to put in to take out

not enough people do that

gwadzilla said...

oh... scroll down a few posts and you may get a little more insight into my current situation

but really
that has yet to effect my mood

I tend to be a little grumpy