body found in Rock Creek Park

a body was found in the woods of Rock Creek Park not far from my house
the location would lead me to believe that the body that was found was the homeless man that lived in woods just past the bridge headed into the park on Park Road

from The Prince of Petworth

if it was this man... who was this man?

Bruce Fields? a man who also answered to Sonny?
information was once shared with me that Bruce\Sonny grew up in Mount Pleasant on Ingleside Terrace
another person told me that Bruce\Sonny was a US Vet who had served time in Vietnam

Was he once married?
What was his story?
what else did we know about him?

"peg leg"... "screaming man"... "mumbles"
to those that saw him he had many names
to me and my family he was always know as Bruce Fields
we always tried to treat him with reverence and respect

maybe I will rant more on this later
amazing I do not have a better photograph of him

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