an extra with a camera... I was just an extra with a kid

aaron... thanks for the photo.

aaron was there with his bike and his camera
I was there with my kid

this is just another shot from the Chasing Legends photo-shoot in Georgetown
me in the foreground
my son Grant in the background
all for the opening of a documentary on The Tour de France

gwadzilla and chasing legends


Jason Berry said...

a special day - thanks to you and Grant. You take him shopping yet : ?

gwadzilla said...

it was a great experience for father, son, and family
we look forward to the film... heck... I looked forward to the film before being invited to be part of it
now we are amped as a family... all the way to the grandparents

the boys have been taken shopping
but shopping with children is a tough process that sometimes takes some guidance
that whole "like it is burning a hole in their pockets" is something to be monitored
I want them to get what they want and not just what is in front of them

I was thinking that they could contribute to buying some climbing holds for a climbing wall on their kid clubhouse in the backyard
of course in addition to the desired Legos