Greater Greater Washington has some words about the effort to make the bike lanes GREATER!

Greater Greater Washington has some words about the proposed bike lanes and bike tracks in Washington DC

it is great to see this
it is great to see others blogging about it
Greater Greater Washington Blog

it is true
with some changes out Great City of Washington DC could be GREATER!


Jim said...

Bike lanes, eh? That'll be interesting. On the way in this morning a woman was getting ticketed for jaywalking. I was about to ride into the parking garage of my building. "Look, LOOOOOOK!" she shrieked at the cop. "There's a bicyclist on the sidewalk!"

I'm not sure how that was supposed to change things but I have a sense that it was supposed to. Somehow.

gwadzilla said...

I am not sure what the woman was trying to do...

hopefully she was trying to point to the absurd

ticketing bicyclists and pedestrians while the cars are all OUT OF CONTROL seems a little much

a pedestrian jaywalks because they are just as safe to cross mid-block as they would be if they crossed at the cross walk with the signal

in fact... they are often more safe

as I have said before
crossing the street in DC as a pedestrian can be like RUNNING WITH THE BULLS

if this were Nova Scotia where the pedestrian has the right of way and cars yield to pedestrians... sure... ticket the jay walker

but in this town where the bullies don't give anyone their right to safety and right to space
ticket the car
then when there is order
then take a look at the bike and the ped

it may be anarchy on the streets
but that is because of the car chaos