more images from the GRIPPED FILMS: Chasing Legends photoshoot...

some photos from Jason Berry's filming for a flashback\dream sequence for his Tour de France documentary CHASING LEGENDS
photos by Joe Foley

last weekend the rains came and canceled the Gripped Films filming in Georgetown
the following day was clear enough for some filming of my son Grant for some other scenes
that was all cut short when a crack appeared in the single piece handlebar stem combo on this antique bicycle

the rain date of the following weekend was met with sunshine... so much sunshine that there had to be the fabrication that this event occurred after the rain
easy enough... some water to create puddles among the cobble stones
yet not so much water to cause any more crashing than the trolley tracks and cobble stones were already causing

a handful of people showed up for the crowd scene to cheer on the handful of cyclists who showed up to portray the racers
honestly... I was let down by the low numbers of "extras"
guess I thought more people would be excited to be part of this
thought more people would want to help out
oh well... that just increases the odds that I get a second of face time for my 15 Minutes of Fame
just as I am sure that those that showed up on the bikes in classic gear are pleased that they did not have to fight for the spotlight

it was time well spent
it was a once in a lifetime experience
it was something cool to be a part of
as a father I love to document the growth of my children on film
this will be an interesting document of my younger son at this point in his life

my helping out with the film on Saturday kept me from helping out with the trail work day at Greenbrier the following day
I guess we all have obligations

it is hard for all of us to be all the people we want to be
this also kept me from riding this weekend
well... no riding other than a short loop around the city and Rock Creek with my wife and family

Grant was a TROOPER!

Grant is no child actor
Grant is just a kid
I was pleased with Grant's effort and his ability to endure the tasks of the day giving minimal complaints
it was great to see him managing pretty well with the repetition of the day
doing his best to do as the director instructed

Jason Berry really lucked out
the house he selected as the setting for this scene was not only perfect for his artistic vision
but also that this house is owned by an older couple who was not only accepting of the idea but supportive of the process
Brewster, Stephanie, and Pooh Bear were beyond inviting
they were a joy to meet

they are a couple to emulate
we would all do well to be more like Brewster and Stephanie

the whole day went along with with a series of expected glitches
yet everything seemed to fall perfectly into place
cars that could not be towed disappeared just before they needed to be removed to get "the shot"

jason worked hard to get the shot
the storyboard in his head was delivered in real time and caught on film

although there was only a limited number of spectators in classic garb and an equally limited number of people on bikes in gear of a previous era
it appears that Jason was able to get his shots

I am excited to see how this all splices together!

these images are from Joe Foley Photography

expect drama... expect passion... expect two wheeled adventures presented in an artistic way
expect an awesome cycling film from Gripped Films

Jason Berry has just widened his audience
Jason's previous productions won a strong fan base among mountain bikers
this film will most definitely bring him a great deal of attention in the world of road cycling

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