The Mount Pleasant Mile...

last summer while out in Colorado I witnessed an event that looked like a great deal of fun...

The Boulder Mile... or maybe it was the Pearl Street Mile
no matter what it was called... there was an annual mile running race that started at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder Colorado
it was cool to see

Boulder is a running town... as much as people may think that Colorado is filled with snowboarders, skiers, road or mountain cyclists... well... I think that Boulder is more a runners town than anything else

it was a down home get together
people of all ages and all levels of fitness were participating
people were sharing pre-race anxiety before hand
then people were reliving the moment and sharing their times afterward
the energy was so apparent I wished I were a part of it
but alas... I am not a runner

it may shock people... but I was once a runner
well... a soccer player who ran
currently I am many strides and many pounds from being a runner

the one season I ran winter track in high school I ran as many events as I could manage in a day

often finishing one event then lining up for another

so... for all the years I played soccer I held a strong running fitness
dating back to my earliest years of soccer I had a high level of running fitness
sub five minute miles
50 second quarter miles (captain/anchor of the mile relay the one season I ran track)
sub 18 minute three mile pace
sub 40 Minute 10K
on my one Marathon effort... 3:36 and some seconds
not my 3:30 goal... but close

DC has its runners... some are good runners... others love to run... while there is always those that are involved just to be involved
the fitness goal that is usually more of an objective to push their efforts
often just running to finish

The Mount Pleasant Mile
DC would do well to have something like this Pearl Street Mile
it can be about fitness... fun... and competition

there would be age categories... there would be an Elite racer category
some people could walk... lots of people could walk... lots of people should walk
everyone should be able to walk a mile

The Mount Pleasant Mile!
or maybe the Monuments Mile!
it sounds like a good idea
who is going to spearhead this to make this happen?

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