Mountain Biking... it may be too early in the season for dirt rides

photos from a ride in "the shed" last winter
gwadzilla rant on "the shed"

it is still wet out there...
messages on the MORE forums are saying that it is still too early after the snow melt to ride most of the trails in the area surrounding the district... NO WAKEFIELD... NO FOUNTAINHEAD... NO ROSARYVILLE... NO LAUREL HILL

comment below if you know different

and then there is this message about Gambril and "The Shed"

this message arrived to me through electronic means
Blaze Davis has a trail report for "THE SHED"

I saw a number of cars with bikes on the back, people with high hopes, when I was up at the Wateshed Sunday. I was checking out the trail conditions. The short version is, go somewhere else for a while. Not because you will tear up the trails, but because it is unridable. There is still plenty of snow up there. On the trails that have seen some foot traffic, the snow is a compressed 6-12 inches. Off of the trail the snow is a slightly compressed 12-24 inches.

The lower lot at Gambrill is mostly cleared but the trails from that point have only seen foot/ski/showshoe traffic. You can get into the upper lot but the trails have seen even less foot traffic. As you go out Gambrill Park road, blue, yellow, lawnmower and the dirty 30 are pretty much, untouched. Moving into the watershed, there is only a small pullout at Hamburg road, not really big enough to park so blue trail there is mostly unmarred. Most people seem to be parking at the junction of Fishing Creek, which has had almost zero truck traffic and that didn’t go in very far. So don’t even think of trying to get back to the downhill trails. The parking lot at Sandflats is cleared out and larger than it used to be. Only ski and foot traffic has been back to the ponds. Where Gambrill Park turns into gravel, it has actually had a single lane plowed, but only to the tower. A few trucks have been passed this point but we saw two of them stuck within 200 yards. No traffic has been on Salamander, and we couldn’t get to iceberg or viper. I don’t think you could even get a decent cross ride in on gravel. Given the conditions up top, we didn’t go around to Mountaindale. It’s possible that some of the lower stuff could be accessible but I doubt it. Looks like another road ride in my future.

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