oh no... say it ain't so

an article in SPOKES magazine by Joe Foley says
Laird Knight and Granny Gear Productions will not be hosting their 24 Hours of Big Bear in West Virginia in 2010

Gwadzilla mention of Laird
Gwadzilla mention of Big Bear (with that great photo of Tinker)

wow... this comes as a bit of a shock
this race at its various venues has been an east coast mountain bike adventure every year for what seems like FOREVER!

the 24 Hours of Big Bear is also an event that I had on my loose mental calendar
scratch that
the races in this series have always been highlights for the year
not just highlights for racing and mountain biking
highlights for life in general

so many great memories sponsored by Granny Gear Productions
in fact.. I was telling some anecdotes from some of these events at the National Bike Summit today

the above collage of shots is from the kids' race at the 24 Hours of Big Bear a few years back

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