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the other day while riding my bike I laughed to myself as I pedaled past one of those self storage places
I laughed to myself about the expense people go through to hang onto their stuff
I laughed to myself because I am one of those people who has too much stuff
I laughed to myself because I know the pleasure of purging yet I suffer the pain and discomfort of hoarding

it was an awkward laugh
it was not at all comedic laugh
it was a laugh to myself
that knowing laugh
that laugh that says... okay... enough is enough... get rid of some shit

a long time ago
in my life before marriage, home ownership, and kids I worked as a mover
Gulliver's Movers in Arlington... their offices were in the same building as Dischord Records
that information about DIschord Records is unrelated... but thought I would add it just the same
as a mover I witnessed people boxing crap and moving crap from one place to another
some people would take unused stuff from one basement only to shuffle the boxes from one shadowy corner to another
then there were other people who would put stuff into storage
only to pay to hold onto stuff that they may be better off throwing away
very few people threw stuff away
most people were eager to hang onto their stuff
even if they were not using
even if they had not used that stuff for some time
even if they did not plan on using that stuff for some time

all that stuff is shit

sadly... I am no different
although I have the insight that if I lived without it for a year then I do not need it
somehow I am unable to get rid of all my "shit"
yes... I have all sorts of "shit"
I have way too much shit
I am always tripping over shit I have not used or needed in years

bicycle shit alone... I have too much shit
so much shit... lots of 26 inch wheel shit
lots of low end shit I will never ride again shit
parts... parts... and more parts
then wheels... wobbly wheels... wheels with worn hubs
wheels that have not been ridden in many years
wheels that may never be ridden again
some wheels that will more than likely never be right enough to roll again

there is more than just bike shit

in addition to bicycle shit... I have tons of shit
tons of shit that has not been used in years
much of that shit will never be used
some of that shit has sentimental value
nothing more than sentimental value

in addition to the shit and stuff that may contain some sort of sentimental value that is all sorts of stuff that I have... just in case... well... not just in case... but I have this stuff so that I can use it in some sort of project
lots of the bicycle stuff is held onto with the dream of future projects
dreams of bicycle projects

there are dreams of bakfiets and dreams of a fixed 69er for riding off road
there are dreams of wind chimes and dreams of other art related projects
dreams and heaps of bicycle shit
bicycle shit that I trip over
loads of bicycle shit that just takes up space

sadly... my shit is not just bicycle shit
I have all sorts of shit
shit from childhood
shit from college
shit I bought to make my life better
shit I have never used
shit that I will never use

although I lack the strength to do a massive purge
I have been starting to try to organize and purge
the other day when I paid a few guys to haul away some construction debris from when my deck tore off the back of my house during the SNOWPOCALYPSE I also passed off a box of clothing
shirts, pants, and sweaters that have not been in the rotation for a while

enough on this... just read that article in The Washington Post and could not help but rant about it
enough on this rant
cleaning the garage or cleaning the basement should not be such a psychological struggle
it should just be a matter of clearing out what I do not need and organizing what I want
want of course including some stuff that I do not need but can not part with

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keep on trying