The Two Car Family... do we really need to be a two car family?

The Two Car Family...
I am part of a two car family... do we really need to be a two car family?

the short answer is no
really... who does?
especially in urban areas
the second car is an expensive convenience

why do we own our cars?

usually for short drives... drives to drop the kids off to school, trips to the local grocery store... cross town adventures to the museums, parks, soccer games, and friends houses
but why is it we travel in a vehicle that has the potential to travel speeds of 100 MPH while having a reservoir of fuel that could take us hundreds of miles
when really... we only go short distances with a low maximum speed

what if two car families became... one car family along with a glorified golf car or a very basic an electric car?

can you imagine the savings?
from the get go... right off the line... the new and improved glorified golf car would cost less than a full car off the show room floor
immediate savings! money in the pocket! okay... not even money in the bank... but definitely smaller bills
lesser car\vehicle payments

so rather than owning two cars that cost more than 20 grand... there would be one set of payments on a car costing 20 grand while having a lesser payment on a vehicle that could cost far less... maybe five grand or less... what do I know I neither golf nor own a golf cart... but I can only assume that such a machine would cost less than even the most inexpensive car on the market

this is just a hypothetical so accept my loose numbers
roll with me on it...
just spouting off as I drink my coffee

back to the meat of the message before I lose momentum on this thought

in addition to the initial investment there would be continued savings
so... even if the smaller golf cart like vehicle were gas powered
it would cost less to power... by weighing less it would be more fuel efficient
on the simple basis of not having a 14 gallon tank for long trips it would be a lighter and more efficient machine
so... electric or gas powered... either way it is a more efficient machine
a more logical machine
a more practical machine

imagine this... the tone of the streets would change
the cars would accurate more slowly thus aiding traffic to move at a more moderate pace that is closer to the set limits of the law
the smaller car would take up less space thus allowing for more parking spaces
grocery stores and school could allow for less competitive parking situations

from the onset such a machine blending in with SUVs and TRUCKS and BUSES may seem unsafe
but people would adapt
as more of these cars took to the streets people would learn to anticipate the diminutive machines with their slower acceleration and lower top speeds
machines that within their nature would work to aid traffic in moving at a safer more logical pace

it seems like a good idea...
something like this could be the future
something like this should be our future
or current approach to transportation is not working
it is not sustainable
lets not forget... petroleum is a finite resource
it just makes sense to start adapting to that reality sooner instead of later


dcdouglas said...

Get an Xtracycle and a ZipCar pass.

BTW, the new Xtracycle Radish (now with even more Grant Peterson influence) looks stellar. However, it will have the exact capabilities as your box bike fantasy. Your choice, but get rid of the second car!

gwadzilla said...

good ideas...

but what about my golf cart?

I am not so confident that I could get my kids to school on an Xtracycle... they are six and almost nine

and well...
my car is paid for
not sure how convenient a ZIP CAR would be for drop off and pick up from school