The Wilson Center... I went to punk shows there

The Wilson Center...
I went to punk shows there back in the 80's
lots of people went to the Wilson Center for punk shows in the 80's
then the new breed and the next generation continued to host and attend punk shows in the 90's
different bands... different crowd
the next wave

Marginal Man... Government Issue... Iron Cross...
yes Fugazi... no... not Bad Brains... Bad Brains were BANNED IN DC at that point... but yes to HR
Beefeater... Rites of Spring... Government Issue again
too many Friday nights with too many bands to remember
lots of great memories blending into one big memory
the steps are gone and the building has received a make over
yet the memories remain
that one big blur of a memory

senior year of high school there was a tough choice... THE MEATMEN at the Wilson Center or the homecoming dance?
not really a tough choice... Tesco Vee and a smoke machine won without much of an internal debate

going to the shows to see the bands and to make the scene
people hanging on the steps
kids skateboarding about
the energy that a fight could break out any second

now The Wilson Center is a Charter School...
yep... The Wilson Center is a charter school and DC Space is a Starbucks

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