relaxing... nothing going on... just relaxing

relaxing... just relaxing
nothing going on
nothing planned
the day is done and the evening has begun

there was talk about going out for dinner
while the parents deliberated over the options the boys escaped to a neighbors
when I went to steal the boys back I found them very comfortable hanging with friends
people should hang out with people their own size
little people with little people
big people with big people

it did not seem to make sense to tear these guys away from their friends
so we aborted the plan of going out for dinner as a family
we decided to get pizza with the neighbors
each family was looking for an easy option
our older son and their eldest son were each petitioning for pizza

just ordered some pizza with some neighbors
the boys are all glued to one screen or another
some on the Nintendo DS a few others are watching a movie on the television
do I blame them... for me it is the computer

it was a good spring Saturday
we had a full day
we all had a full day
I do not object to the various screens as long as there is a balance
we had our balance

a day that involved my coaching soccer and the kids playing soccer
it was a good day for soccer
the purple dragons started the season strong
on our two games of four on four the coaches each coached each others son
I coached the other coaches son while he coached my son Grant
which was fun... but I did not get to see my son play
I wanted to see him play... he so excited
from what my six year old Grant told me he played pretty well
from other parents I heard that he played pretty well
it is hard to tell how accurate Grants claim of seven goals actually is

after the morning of soccer we were slow to leave the area of the field
the kids were all stoked to play on the playground equipment at the recently renovated field
in Washington DC there has been an amazing renovation of the DC Public School and their playgrounds and surrounding areas
our U6 (under SIX) soccer games are on a turf field at a public school called Murch
while our practices are at the kid's school John Eaton that also has an astro turf field... although a smaller playing field
these changes are awesome... much needed and much appreciated
not sure if we are to thank Michelle Ree.... Adrian Fenty... or the active parents at each school?

the activities once home were less structured
a bike ride was offered but the boys were looking for something less parental involved
so I gave them their space
kids often enjoy the less structured time
kids also thrive in structured time

Lisa and I gardened while the boys played in between the alley behind our house... the backyard... and in their friend's house down the block
my gardening involved driving across town to Home Depot to get some ferns and some mulch
like Jack with his Bean Stalk I came back with mulch and some pepper plants
then stuck my plants in the ground and threw some mulch around them
gardening is for people whose hobby is gardening
my level of enjoyment is not as grand as it is for some other people
there is an input to reward relationship.... my yard is not so well landscaped
you get what you put into it
and well... I would rather be playing with my kids or riding my bike

at one point I had to call Dean... my Spidey Senses were tingling... I gave him a quick... "either the television goes off or you can come home now"
there was of course an effort to discuss this... I was told the television was just turned on
they turned off the television then he was home a few minutes later
I guess the television was too tempting to the other kids
while I felt it was too nice a day to veg in front of the box
screen time can happen after the sun sets

Dean bounced around on a pogo stick no handed as Grant rode his bike up and down the alley
while I worked with a friend pulling parts off his twenty year old mountain bike
this 20 year old Giant Iguana was getting a bit of a make over
the frame was painted black... the fork was painted silver
the gears are going to be removed and the bike is going to be converted into a single speed

that project is on hold...
we ran out of black spray paint after needing a second coat and some cover up on a few thin patches
and there needs to be the purchase of some additional parts; new grips, SPD pedals that can be used with street shoes, brake cables, and brake levers... cantilever brake levers

it is the present time... the events of the day before me are done
dinner time is approaching
pizza has been ordered and will more than likely arrive before I finish up this post

I am going to chill for a second before heading over for pizza
listening to FUGAZI on PANDORA and letting my feet rest
a long day on my feet
either chasing little kids or working in the garden
and it is work

the trip to Home Depot was not that painful
sure things moved slow in the check out line
but things always move slow in the check out line at Home Depot
just got to choose that line and stay the course

all the lines at Home Depot move slow
just some lines move slower than others
I think that I score that slow moving line
when going to Home Depot I always try to prepare myself for some of this inefficient madness

the weather is pretty sweet
tomorrow is going to be a great day as well
if things go as planned I should get out on the mountain bike
maybe Schaeffer Farms... yea... more than likely Schaeffer
and on the SQUISHY BIKE
I am well over due to get my leg over the frame and my ass in the saddle on the Rip Nine

I still do not know how to ride the Rip Nine
although I will be riding the rigid single speed at Lodi Farms... or at least some sort of single speed... based one what is working come race day
but for Greenbrier I intend to ride the squishy bike

time is passing
I thing I will get on the floor and do some yoga moves
my FUGAZI station just brought up THE MISFITS!

Kenny from Marginal Man made The Washington Post the other day
this article is about Parks and Recs... going to get back to read that later
Marginal Man... if you are into DC Classic Hardcore Music... IDENTITY is a must own!

also an article on Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Gwadzilla Mention of Schaeffer Farms

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