these are photos of more than just The Purple Dragons!

one of the parents of our U6 Soccer squad not only took some photos at our first game of the season... they were good enough to post them on Shutterfly
I have been looking at BLURB for a photobook
it appears that there are vanity press book options everywhere

this weekend past was game one of the spring soccer season for Stoddert Soccer

my older son Dean's new team had a "bye"
while Grant's team had their first game on a new astro turf field at Murch Elementary School
after having their first weekday practice on the astro turf field at John Eaton Elementary School

this concept of artificial turf fields is new to the area
the addition of these fields is something to be commended

who gets credit for the changes going on in the city?

are these playing field and playground improvements the signature of DCPS chancellor Michelle Ree?
are these developments happening because of the efforts of Mayor Adrian Fenty?
or... are these developments a sign of the times?


the artificial turf fields are the most logical options in so many situations
not just for the elementary schools... but also for many of the shared urban spaces

there is even one artificial turf dog park not far from Dupont Circle

as much as I love green space and the natural grass
for years I was frustrated to see so many of the playing fields around The District existing as brown patches of hard packed soil
the users of these fields did not understand to stay off the fields after the rains

pick up soccer... ultimate... football... whatever
the cleats could destroy the fields in just one afternoon of play
the artificial turf fields can be played on after the rain
while so many of these fields were
unplayable for many days after a rain

look at the poor irrigation at The Meadowbrook Fields by Candy Cane City
if you need verification of this off the top of my head theory

there is CHANGE happening

and guess what... some of this CHANGE IS FOR THE BETTER
this is the type of FORWARD THINKING that our heads of government need
how many years did the agencies that handle these fields go through the same futile effort to plant seeds and water grass?
how many years were the schools forced to refuse their children recess or play time because their outdoor play areas were a mass of mud?

John Eaton was a black asphault mass before... now it is a beautiful playground with a turf
field, a basketball court with half court with a 10 foot rim sharing that space with a low basket full court

the ripple effect of these changes on the playgrounds around the school will have a dynamic effect on the behavior in the schools
how do I know this? I do not know... I just believe this!

good work to any and all that worked on these projects
thanks to the workers who did such a great job
thanks to the volunteers at the various schools (my wife Lisa was heavily involved with the Eaton playground committee)
and thanks to the powers at the top for facilitating these changes
these changes are good
we need more good changes
we need to give credit where credit is due


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paul said...

you play on turf? lucky! coached my first game saturday: 9v9 with 7 subs. absolute chaos!