Trolley... the trolleys and the bike tracks

last night as I pedaled up New Hampshire Avenue towards Petworth I was amazed to see the widened median strip with trees and grass
previously the median was a narrow concrete strip
the wider median is more attractive and narrows the path for cars
the cars do not need to swim so wildly within the lanes
they can slow and maintain in their space

in today's Washington Post the discussion continues about the use of Trolley Cars in The District
it seems that people are opposed to the exposed wires

all I can think...
if they are not going to move forward with the use of the Trolley system then they should snag this land and use it for "bike tracks"
like the ones proposed for Pennsylvania Avenue headed from The Capitol Building towards The White House

the above image show Mount Pleasant Street
it is only logical for the cyclist to ride safely in the "no man's land" that separates traffic
the right side of each street is not only "the door zone"
but also a area always blocked with double parking and loading and unloading

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