in DIRT RAG: Kentucky gets a Permanent Cyclocross Course

Kentucky gets a Permanent Cyclocross Course

DC does not have an indoor mountain bike course
DC does not have a velodrome
DC does not have a BMX track
DC does not have a pump track
DC does not have a permanent cyclocross course
DC does not have any decent legal mountain biking within the city limits
DC does not have...


I would love to see DC get these facilities... or at least some of these

A Cyclocross Course at Fort Reno?
A pump course and some singletrack at Fletcher's Boat House?

there are basketball courts... soccer fields... golf courses... swimming pools
but there are no bicycle facilities!


Bill said...

A permanent CX course in DC would be incredible. This is an undertaking I would help lead.

Jeff said...

Those facilities don't happen on their own...or as a result of a blog post. If you want them, make them happen. Get involved.



gwadzilla said...

the blog post may inspire someone else who has more time...

thanks for the links

and for the "push" to get involved

somehow I thought I was already involved

Jeff said...

if only that was all it took!

m-a said...

I'll have to read the article of course, but there has been some curious happenings here in Louisville with the past "permament" CX course. As it is now the new course is a swamp, they're going to have a lot to do to get it ready for this season coming, let alone Worlds.

I'm looking forward to the CX scene in DC, moving there in a few short weeks, is there any area in Rock Creek or something that could work as a location (officially or not?)

gwadzilla said...

in DC there are all sorts of parks and schools for small informal practices

DCMTB not only hosts a cross race DCCX
but we also host a set of cross clinics at Fort Reno Park in the month of September

Fort Reno could be a great place for such a park

but there are also pieces of Rock Creek Park that would be good if they saw a little bit of attention

Marc said...

As for Ft Reno- how about a combination CX/cross country running course/jogging/exercise course that could be used for bikes, but also cross country runners from Wilson HS and Deal MS, as well as the neighborhood for exercise.

I'm curious what sort of surface they will use at the permanent Lousiville (I haven't read my Dirt rag yet, but I knew the course was being made).course. I'm thinking packed dirt within a defined pathway so that it doesn't just look like ruined grass would be the way to go.


Marc said...

PS the RFK Formula 1 track would be a great place for a road racing training series- that track is really a waste...

m-a said...

The way they had the past permanent unofficial course in Louisville was mostly ruined grass as you say, but was nice in that it wasn't required to strictly stay to that course. Week after week of the same course gets a little drab.

Ultimately however, the dog people over-ruled and had the city put up a fenced in dog park right where the only non-flat terrain existed in the entire hundred acres available. This was on an old, mostly flat, golf course, so it had some decent sand pits and brushy areas to tear through.

There were a lot of the good courses last season out here, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the courses look like out that way.