May is Bike Month
as cyclists we can do more
more than toot our own bike horn
more than ring our own bike bell
sure we should acknowledge and applaud our efforts
but we can do more
in fact... doing more of what we are already doing can be enough

lead by example
in the work place... in the neighborhood
you are a bike ambassador

recently I have been trying to use the bike more
no... I have not built that dream box bike yet
that is going to happen

then I will increase my utilitarian cycling... right now a bag of dog food is more than I would consider on the bike
but with a box bike... shopping trips could change

most recently I have been working a system where I drop my kids off at school with their bicycles
they ride a few blocks to school while I walk the kid that I take to school in our little two family car pool
I locked the bikes up out front
then that afternoon I ride my bicycle to the school for pick up

we all get to ride home together... it is essential that I bring the key to that lock
an essential part of the plan each and every time
forgot the lock one morning
have yet to forget the key on pick up

there we are at school with the boys on their bikes
helmets, backpacks, and smiles
people are looking at this and thinking that they can do this
all sorts of parents are asking all sorts of questions
so... I am going to try to push a BIKE FRIDAY

that sounds nice... BIKE FRIDAY

BIKE FRIDAY at my kid's school
I think that lots of families could try to run this sort of system once a week every once in a while
for some people it will be fun

for others it may develop into something that becomes part of their routine

so many of the families are only a few blocks away
several teachers have been asking me about routes for them to ride to school

there could be a simple hand out with some recommendations
including the GOOGLE BIKE ROUTE feature
that treasure is still not as known as it should be

so we lead by example

when we ride home... we do not always take the most direct route
we usually extend our ride a little
we have a route that we are getting pretty comfortable with
that route may get some tweaking
right now it is still pretty fresh and fun

hopefully we can continue this routine

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