it is dangerous out there... watch your back... put yourself where you are most safe...

ah... blogging
blogging is not just writing a blog
blogging is reading blogs
it is an electronic cocktail party that involves all sorts of electronic conversations

it has been a long time since I have had the time I would like to spend reading all the pages that I love to read
it has been too long since I have been over to The Drunk Cyclist aka DC

the Drunk Cyclist has a MUST SEE VIDEO where a metro bus (not in DC) runs down a cyclist
http://drunkcyclist.com post on Miami Dade County Metro Bus Running Down Cyclist

watch the clip...
this is not an isolated incident
this sort of shit happens every day
the right lane is often shared by buses and bicyclists
so few of the bus drivers know how to share

I can understand a tad bit of their frustration..
but that frustration is illogical
the bus can only move as fast as traffic allows.. bicycles are part of traffic
for the bus to bully their way around the bike is no way to behave
it is not only uncalled for
but it is dangerous

it has not even been 24 Hours since my last BUS TO BIKE incident
like a fool when I got past the bus that pinned me to the curb then tried to block my passage on the right
I rode past waving the bird
then I pedaled with a certain amount of intensity to stay ahead of the bus
knowing that I only put myself more at risk by antagonizing the aggressor



Taxi Cabs and Buses are some of the greatest menaces on the road!
Taxi Cabs and Buses put pedestrians and cyclists at risk each and every day!

there needs to be proper training for Cab Drivers and Bus Drivers on how to behave when behind the wheel

maybe an IQ test as part of the licensing process
as the actions of these drivers are not just ignorant and illogical... but also wildly dangerous

this video is just a moment of every day
sure... contact is not always made
but the aggressive bullying behavior is part of the bus and cab driver's daily routine

it is like trying to rush getting the coffee from the coffee pot to the coffee cup
you need to accept that there is a way to make it happen
you need to accept that this process will take a certain amount of time
rushing that process... getting aggressive with that process... trying to force that process
well... that does not assist the process
it disrupts the process

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