not sure if I posted this... but I am posting it again

Freedom Plaza at Bike to Work Day in Washington DC

he was friendly... she was shy
very shy

either way... it is a great shot... it was good to connect with them
that style of kid carrier is totally cool
they were totally nice
I never had that set up... wish I did
guess I was more of a bjorn and backpack dad
which makes sense since so much of my time was walking my dogs

this great shot is from Freedom Plaza at the tail end of the 2010 Bike to Work Day
not sure if I posted it before
either way... it looks good enough to post again

this was not our first meeting
snapped a shot of this father daughter combo some month's back over near Dupont Circle

they were on their way down the road
headed to drop her off at day care before dad heads into work... or something like that

how much could I know?

all I did was roll past him with the camera and snap the shot
yes... there was a little verbal interaction
there was a pleasant dad to dad exchange
or was it freak on a bike with a camera with a man minding his own business starting his day
either way...
I had to get to work... he had to get where he was going

not sure how I titled that image or I would link to it
I remember the day

I remember the interaction

I remember what the photos looked like

but I do not remember how it was titled

it is tough to remember the ramblings of that moment
it is tough to remember the ramblings of every moment
but I do remember some things

remembering the location of the photo reminds me of Alice Swanson

Alice Swanson?


Gwadzilla mention of Alice Swanson


I wonder what the name Alice Swanson means to the new Executive Director of WABA

no... that is not a trivial pursuit question

that was not a fill in the blank question
it is not a question with a one word answer... this is not a quick easy

I am certain that the new WABA ED knows who Alice Swanson is...
if you are a cyclist in this city and have lived here for the past few years then you should know who Alice Swanson is... or who Alice Swanson was... or what happened to Alice Swanson

this is more of a "what is the direction of the new executive director?" sort of question

the thought of Alice Swanson makes me wonder how the death of Alice Swanson will effect the new Executive Director's directive

it was a sad day when Alice Swanson was killed by a garbage truck while riding her bicycle to work
it was a sad day for the friends and family of Alice Swanson
it was a sad day for the DC bicycle community as a whole
I thought that the Eric Gilliland the Executive Director of WABA at the time handled things well
Eric's response was prompt and his response was genuine...
I am sure that it was a difficult moment for the folks at WABA... but not as difficult a moment for them as for the family and friends of Alice Swanson

Eric and WABA handled it well
then handled it well when it happened and they handled things well in the time that followed
I can remember seeing Glenn purchasing flowers for the Ghost Bike on the one year anniversary and I can also remember bumping into Eric at the location of the Ghost Bike when the protest of multiple ghost bikes were being loaded up and taken away

Eric spoke and put out a press release
it was solid... real solid...
Eric paid respect to Alice Swanson and he approached situation as Eric would

I am not sure how I would handle that situation but more importantly... how would the new WABA Executive Director position approach this situation?

there are a hundred good answers to that question
as a lawyer he may have a different approach

there certainly could be some questions of what happened in that incident and what happened after
what should be the laws or rules of this situation...
what should be the laws or rules to prevent this situation from happening again

me... I am not a lawyer

my hundred answers may not have involved "the law"
but the new ED has a lawyer brain and there must be a hundred things pertaining to the law that could be a good answer for this

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