Petitition to Install Speed Bumps and Bicycle Lane with Reflectors!

David Haywood Williams was killed on his bicycle...

this accident like so many "accidents" could so easily be prevented


Distracted Drivers...
Speeding Drivers...
Sloppy Unaware Drivers...

What changes behavior?
Do tickets change behavior? I do not believe so... I think tickets punish!
But... THE THREAT OF A TICKET does change behavior...
police parked at a location of red light and speeding cameras... these effectively change behavior

Altered Road Design
the streets are built so people can comfortably speed on them
change the street designs... some turns are curves... make them right angles to slow the speeding cars

then also...
Build more Bike Lanes and
Re-Work Bike Lanes so that the Bike Lane is the Safety Zone that bicyclists think them to be
after that... Get Cars to Respect the Bike Lanes

here is a petition for Installing Speed Bumps and Bike Lanes with Reflectors on Southern Avenue
this petition was put together by the grieving family of David Haywood Williams

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