a short PSA..

last week I came upon an accident
(that sentence is only funny to Beavis and Butthead)

when I got there it seemed as if things were covered
there was no need for my assistance
as I had no assistance to offer
I am not a doctor
I do not even play one on tv

not sure what happened
not sure if the department store quality of the bicycle contributed to the accident
but I am confident that the absence of end caps on the handlebars may have been a factor

from what I gathered the man "fell off his bike"
not sure if there was contact with car or pedestrian
"fell off his bike" was how it was described to me
then another more informed person than me told me of the injury

it sounded like his handlebar pierced his thigh
not positive... but that is what it sounded like
I was curious why he was still in the middle of the road
I thought that the injury could be worse

the information I was given did not necessarily match the situation before me
where can I get an update?

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gwadzilla said...

oh... the Public Service Announcement

please.. put end caps in your handlebars