these are not the shots I was looking for... but they still tell a story

Memorial Day Weekend
last weekend.. Memorial Day Weekend... the weekend of my cousin's wedding

last weekend the family went to Chicago and the surrounding area for a wedding

the boys got new suits and the family was all excited to get dressed up and see family

although it was a long weekend it was still a short trip
just two nights
two nights with airplane travel on both sides

we landed with no real itinerary for the first afternoon into evening
we landed hungry but I was unable to find the Vienna Hot Dog stand I was looking for so we went to one of those Americanized Chinese Restaurants... I think it was called Stir Crazy... it was really really good
the flight took it out of me so I opted to go to the hotel and check in before anything else
at the hotel I took a quick nap
the nap was not as long as I would have liked... but I knew had to make the best of our short time in the mid-west
coffee would have been a good idea
we hit the pool and hot tub
the boys were entirely satisfied with the objective of the pool and the hot tub

a pool at the hotel is requisite... or at least mandatory if possible
we not only packed suits... we packed goggles
we knew that we would be going to the pool
we looked forward to going to the pool

not sure what to do we headed into the city for The Navy Pier
my sister had gone there straight from the airport
a combination of GOOGLE on the iPhone and a brochure at the hotel confirmed that this was a good option for people without a proper plan

not enough time for the children's museum
but definitely enough time to check it out as the sun set and it got dark
no time for a boat ride on the lake
but some time for a few rides

it is more fun to ride the rides at night
tried to pace it such that we got to ride the rides at dark with the lights

the sun was setting
on the drive in we took a creative approach to the Navy Pier
it was nice to get a taste of some of the neighborhoods of Chicago
a very urban city... a city more like Baltimore or Philadelphia than Washington, DC
a city that had a strong bicycle presence

DC has a more small city appeal

much like DC... Chicago had a broad bicycle presence

I saw thin and muscular road riders in full kits
there were skinny jean wearing urban hipsters on fixies
there were immigrants on department store bikes
there were people on bikes

there was every cycling sub group imaginable... in numbers

I was driving... the camera was in my bag
the architecture and the culture was amazing
the architecture and the bike culture was amazing

lots of people on bikes
lots of different people on bikes
a large volume of bikes passing at certain points
I imagined what it would be like to be able to walk around with the camera
while realizing that there would not be time for this on this trip

on the pier I had my camera
the family was more my concern
it was not about me and my camera and people on bikes
the family was the subject for my camera
the family were not only my subjects with the camera
the family was my main concern
it was also my obligation to decide what would we would do... where we would eat... what rides we would ride... when we would ride the decided ride... what to do about people getting cold... what to do about people getting hungry
it was all my obligation to make this decision after getting approval from my wife Lisa

sadly we missed the children museum
the seafood combo platter that I ordered would have been enough for the whole family
the woman at the register talked Grant out of going into THE MAZE that was so awesome that Dean and looped through it twice
the swings... the same swings that they have at the county fair was our ride of choice
we loved the swings... the swings were a hit... a serious hit

the maze was awesome... Grant would have loved the maze
we were lost in the hall of mirrors... actually lost
that was fun
the maze was fun... the swings were fun... the pier was fun
but not cheap

The Navy Pier is an expensive experience from parking... to eating... to playing
nothing is cheap at The Navy Pier
but... at times it is best not to sweat it and just accept
that is what things cost
then grab your wallet and pay your fare

both the boys fell asleep on the drive home
it was late
it was past our bedtime East Coast Time... it was past our bedtime in real time
I was the only person who had napped... which was good... cause I was driving

next visit to Chicago the city gets more attention
the Children Museum and the some photos of cyclists with a beautiful urban backdrop

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