ah... rainy summer days.... we need the rain... I need to ride

here it is Wednesday... a wet and misty Wednesday
tonight is scheduled the 4th W@W... Potomac Velo Club will announce at 3PM if the race will go on as scheduled

last night Cargo Mike came over and helped me out with my front shock
last week early into lap two of my three lap race the front shock became inactive
the shock was fully compressed
the front end rode poorly but I managed to hammer through and finish my race strong
it beat me up... perhaps a little worse than rigid
there is a report... well... I started a report
but that report was 1,000 words long before even getting up the gravel start
let me give it a glance and see if I can finish it up
or at least post what I have scripted thus far
then I will post the link to that long winded post here

RACE REPORT FROM Wednesday at Wakefield #3

W@W#4 was postponed until next week

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