Cavendish... crashes again...

mark Cavendish is known for a few things... being a phenomenal sprinter, being a crash-a-holic, and having a bit of an attitude

in Stage 2 of le Tour de France Cavendish failed to go right on a turn
his going straight caused several racers to crash
as well as impeding the progress of racers behind him

it was said to be a hard turn
but he did not even try to turn... he just went straight into the racer to his left

tour videos on yahoo

and that dog

Cavendish is building his reputation as a cyclist and as a person
although he needs to keep his head right and his confidence strong
he may also need to understand that he has been at fault in these incidents
an apology to say the least

WABA's Bicycle Safety Classes

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danaceau said...

I'm finding it more difficult to be sympathetic towards him (or like him period) given some of his recent actions/comments. The young man needs to think more and talk less perhaps.