a favorite new actress

an actress who is cast-ed in comedies along with the Seth Rogan family is Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann may well be my favorite new actress
well cast-ed and well played

I like Leslie Mann and the movies she is in

looked for an image of her on the bicycle to go with this non-bike post
that image did not surface... oh well... guess I will have to try to script a day dream of a photoshoot of Leslie Mann with a bicycle... I will go more fun Heather Graham than actual Bicycle Porn
((both of those links are well worth visiting.... lots of interesting random images and information))

in Funny People there was a great line that was something to the effect... "put your weight back on... no one wants to hear a fit person do stand-up... no one wants to see lance armstrong do stand-up"

or something to that effect
was that better... did I do a good job of getting it back to the bike?

image snagged from NY MAG

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Notorious T said...

I agree. I've had a crush on Leslie Mann since "Knocked Up."