is there a chance that Contador will fall off his bike today?

I did not like the Contador wink after Andy Schleck won the stage the other day...
not sure I like Contador

but I am certain
the more drama to le Tour
the more I like le Tour


YUEQ said...

Even if he falls, others would wait for the yellow jersey.

YUEQ said...

Even if he falls, others would wait.

gwadzilla said...

this whole unwritten code should be re-thought out

in cyclocross or mountain biking you capitalize on an error

unforeseen yes
out of the rider's control?
it is not like a dog running across the road or a herd of sheep stopping the peleton

dropping a chain or getting a flat is often caused by the rider

I side with Andy Schleck... but I was always rooting for him

Kevin said...

The "code" has the US commentators v. the Euros... interesting perspectives on both sides for sure. That said, just as interesting that Contador's victory was by the same margin he apparently gained on the dropped chain...

WashCycle also made an interesting point:

"This is my third year really watching [the TdF], and I still feel they could dumb it down for me more. I don't race competitively and I need some pre-game education on the strategy and goals of the riders, much like you get for the seven hours preceding each NFL game."


Good point, and well-taken. Perhaps this could disclose more of the "code" and who holds it valid and why.