music and popularity...

The Bed's Too Big Without You
song no video on YOUTUBE
a beautiful song off Regatta de Blanc
an amazing album

the Police... the Clash...
so many bands had these early great albums
then... when they became more popular their music became less spectacular
or at least
it seemed liked they moved towards mass consumption
or at least
I moved away from these bands

The Police... I dropped them at Ghost in the Machine... sticking with the first three albums as being enough
The Clash... I dropped them at Combat Rock... hanging with their earlier releases

when I saw The Who as a young high schooler in 1981 I experienced an extreme example of this... I saw them on their new release tour with Athena... when I really wanted to seem The Who of decades prior
Quadrophenia... Who's Next... even Who Are You...

who else got watered down with time?

looking back...
that album by The Who had a great collection of songs... Eminence Front being a timeless classic
there are songs off The Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity that are fantastic
and well... who does not like the pop classics off Combat Rock?

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