urban trails in NYC... story in the Times

NY Times has an article about Urban Trails in NYC
I wish the Washington Post could report the same for DC

maybe Jeff Peel could do something to make this happen...

come on Jeff... get involved...
and your job does not count

that is your job

that photo is not from the article... I copied the image from the article... but loaded this one by accident
it is more interesting anyhow


Jeff said...

Hah!Well, I suppose I should be more gung-ho for creating singletrack in DC since you're sorry ass never offers me a ride to the trails.

I'd be more than happy to help, but its not my fight.Where's MORE on this? Why aren't you organizing through them? I'd join if they were more active in DC.

You should do a fundraiser for them, with the money going directly to working in DC. I'll donate $50 for you to never post those half nekkid photos of you never. ever. again.

dc2wheel said...

Around '89 or '90 I got 'busted' riding the trails in Rock Creek. The US Park Police officer was very nice about the whole thing, told me it was a big fine, but if I promised to stay off the trails he wouldn't give me a ticket. Since he was being cool about it I asked him "so...why aren't mountain bikes allowed on these trails?" He pointed up toward the horse stables and said "this is federal park land and the sons and daughters of congressmen ride horses, not bikes."

Jeff said...

Also, Feet in the Street is coming up. How about leading rides through Fort Dupont during that event? Using and show appreciation for the riding that does exist (though admittedly rather ho-hum riding) is a great way to start dialogue for more options.

MORE could also table and put together skills areas like the Northwest Trail Alliance has done in Portland. http://bikeportland.org/2009/08/16/sunday-parkways-leaves-its-mark-on-southeast-portland/