Wednesday at Wakefield... RACER DOWN!

Wednesday at Wakefield: RACER DOWN!
I hate to see it... I hate to see it to the level that I find no pleasure in crash videos
often snowboarding and mountain bike videos will end the film with a crash sequence... I often look away
when at the Banff Mountain Film Festival at National Geographic I am always offended by the over educated Washingtonians who giggle and laugh in their clever way when they see the skier yard sale or the mountain biker eat dirt
it just is not funny
these viewers obviously can not relate

last night at the third Wednesday at Wakefield there was a racer down on the course
I was not sure of the cause of the injury or the severity injury... but it was clear that it was moderately serious
serious enough that paramedics came out onto the course and took the racer away on a back board
there was apparently some pain because I did heard some screams... shrills... painful shrills shrieks and moans
my guess... pain not just from the injury
but pain from the frustration of the moment

I have been that guy... it sucks
it is a lonely place in time
and it hurts... emotionally and physically

I hate to see an injury... I do not celebrate a crash
even if that crash gives me an advantage against a fellow racer in my class
yes... I will take the advantages where I can find them
but I will not wish my opponent to crash
I most definitely would not wish for anyone to get injured on the bike

I have not heard an update about the injured racer
hopefully the injury is not too serious
whatever that injury is... I hope that the racer mends quickly and can resume life as usual

it is dangerous out there
even on the trails of Wakefield
a tree is a tree... a rock is a rock... no matter how technical the trail
you hit that tree... and it does not matter what trail you are riding
that injury can be serious... even at sea level

good luck... long life
be careful... ride smart
and again
take care downed rider... you should be back on the bike in a matter of time

all we want to do is ride our bikes... ride them fast to the finish


Jim said...

Hey Gwadz. Didn't get a chance to say hello, like the new clean shaved look. FWIW, I laugh at non-maiming crash videos precisely because I've been that guy. I think we're allowed to have different reactions since we've laid there on the ground. I've never been carted away but I've been plenty hurt.

The only people I resent laughing are the ones who've never done that, who've never risked it. it's a bit like Teddy Roosevelt's "man in the ring" speech - you really don't have a right to comment in a certain way if you haven't been the man in the ring. Once you've been him... well, you'll likely be a little more circumspect though some of us choose to laugh sort of bitterly at that kind of thing, while others want to maintain silence. To each his own.

Rob said...

Update via someone from PVC. The guy will be ok, no surgery just long recovery I suspect.