WOW! Just Saw CHASING LEGENDS at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House

Grant in the alley behind my house in costume for Gripped Films movie on The Tour De France... Chasing Legends

I would like to hear how Ken Burns would review this film
the story... there are a thousand stories on the tour de france... maybe a million stories.... infinity.

I went in thinking I was going to see a story about the 2009 Tour de France
but instead... I saw a film about the Tour that used the 2009 race as vehicle to introduce both the sport of cycling and the tour and its history

there was so much to this film
many layers to this film

once again Jason Berry selects the right direction of the camera
but... it is not just camera work
it is really about topic and story telling

the vision to select Team HTC Columbia with the prediction to witness not only cycling history
but the contrast of an young sprinter on the bike and an elder statesman whose greatness is know from his strong contributions to the team


Chasing Legends
I look forward to seeing this film again

the listing is not on the site
but I think a third Metro Area date has been created
July 29th?


((Haik... the music for the opening scene with Grant... it really built it up... strong edits dancing perfectly with the music... funny... I remember Jason orally storyboarding the whole thing for me... wow... vision))

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Fat-Boy said...

dig it.. Can't wait to see it..