back from the beach... and not liking what I see in the photos

back from the beach...
it was a blast... even with a day of monsoon style rain after an afternoon of rain and mist
things did clear up and we got to enjoy several solid days of fun in sun

the mid-week family vacation happened just after a long weekend visit to the inlaw grandparents in Pittsburgh... that too was a fun filled family event
these days involved all sorts of entertainment... much of that entertainment involved eating
over eating and no bicycle

I have not been on the bike since I snapped my frame at The Cranky Monkey at Schaeffer Farms
well... there have been some rides with the family... but a bicycle ride with a six year old may not offer the cardio that I need to burn the calories I have been ingesting
which does not make for a pretty picture

somehow I managed to gain SEVEN POUNDS over the last few weeks
SEVEN POUNDS and it shows

time to show some self control
time to show some restraint

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libertyonbikes! said...

Rice cakes & veggies,
the evil twin of pizza & beer.

I need to find a middle ground,
to keep the middle from growing.

Dropped 11 working towards 'cross season.
Now, with no bike & family parties, and vacations...
I'm plus 4 lbs on my old weight.

This season will be an uphill battle
of all sorts!