the C&O and its tow path

wow... a bit of a happy accident
a failed piece of ingenuity
that was outwitted by the industrial revolution
the barge never saw the steam engine coming

last week... monday of last week before we went to the beach the family took a bike ride
we rode from Mount Pleasant to Fletcher's boat house
no... we did not rent a boat
it was a wonderful ride

the ride back was difficult for the boys
until I mentioned that we would get lunch at Moby Dick's in Georgetown
they had expanded to sit down and I had yet to take advantage of it
a table by the window made up for our traveling without a lock

it was all bike path there
linking the bike path along Rock Creek and Beach Drive\Rock Creek Parkway
then onto the Capital Crescent Trail
stopping at Fletchers to enjoy snacks and water that were in my pack
then turned it around
well... Lisa and Grant turned it around and Dean and I rode a little further
I tried to get nine year old Dean a few more miles and maybe an extra climb more than six year old Grant

it is a wonderful resource
a great little ride that can take you from Georgetown to Cumberland
I did Cumberland to Georgetown in a day once
it was an awful day
that is a story for another day

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