the first day of school...

ah... summer's end
the first day of school

today was day two of back to school
yesterday was day one
day one back to school is a big day
a big day for the kids and a big day for the parents

it was Grant's first day of first grade... a big step
it was Dean's first day of fourth grade... a big step
they are all big steps

Lisa took the day off from work to take the boys to school
I went along on drop off with the gang
we drove with the bikes and parked a few blocks away
the boys carried the energy of the day
riding the bikes home from school was the cherry on top
it was an exciting day with an exciting adventure attached to it
the route was pretty standard
as well was the discussion
six year old Grant can object to most anything presented
Grant was not excited about the route Dean selected
so... we morphed their desired routes
this made things a tad longer... but this calmed the beasts

on day two we drove
we drove there and we drove home
I figured the boys would want to approach the bike back from school routine slowly
Dean wanted to ride and I was right about Grant not wanting to ride
so... when I picked up the boys today I had a bag with a snack... a football... a frisbee... and bocchi ball

we played bocchi ball with some other kids from school

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