going through all sorts of old photos... getting things organized

ran into Vinny today at Harris Teeter
good to catch up
good to see him with his blushing bride Jordan

how long are people newly weds for?
a year? I think that Vinny and Jordon still qualify and newly weds

have not seen Vinny in a while... I have not been downtown very much and Vinny has retired from the messenger business
Vinny is now working as a cook... very cool

Vinny and Jordan got to witness my shock when the total at the register was just under 80 bucks
80 bucks for what is pretty much two meals for four!
wow... food is not cheap

to my credit... the mexican chicken tortilla casserole was pretty righteous
awesome dinner
great midnight snack
and it will be a perfect lunch

then tomorrow night... I got the goods to make some chilli mac with elbow macaroni
that too should feed the family for a meal
then me the following day
so... a little more than two meals for four people
yet still quite pricey

a good number of images of Vinny in the gwadzilla archives
a good number of these images have been found in my gathering

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